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is an ordinance amending the health code diskloeging landlord's prohibition of smoking in residential rental units. >> this item is sponsored by me. this is the smoke free housing disclosure policy. it's a common sense measure for maximum notification of smoke free units in our multi unit buildings. so, colleagues, i'm asking for your support. i think this is important because it's bringing together not only tenant organizations but also the landlord organizations, the san francisco apartment association, with the mission sro collaborative which was the major impetus with other tenant organizations in supporting this to create stronger public health policies and to limit second hand smoke in multi unit buildings. the hazards as we said before of second hand smoke is well documented. there's no safe exposure level, it's cancer-causing, it's toxic, it leads to thousands and thousands of deaths each year and by limiting access to second hand smoke, it's protecting people's health. also, when people live in close proximity to units where there are smokers in apartment buildings or multi unit buildi
on the united states by mexico so i thought at the time as a youngster only i had not moral courage enough to resign." grant, of course, in the war was a young lieutenant, and i found this is really moving quote, and that's why it's the title. the fact of the matter is grant was not alone in thinking that the u.s. invasion of mexico was somehow wicked. one thing that i talked about in the book and i'll talk about tonight is the evolution of the american public in the course of the u.s.-mexico war, not a long war by any means from being really enthuse yays tix and in favor of invading mexico to largely turning in the war, and i see the u.s. mexico war as the moment of america's first anti-war movement actually coming into being so there was anti-war sentiments during the revolution and certainly in the war of 1812, but that sentiment was limited. what you see happening in 1847 is a consensus, really, across the board. people from different regions of the country, soldiers in the field, officers, politicians, all deciding that a war that was being more or less successfully waged in another c
inform prospective tenants of which units have been designated as smoking optional. supervisor mar, you've already basically explained what the ordinance would require and i would just like to add that over the years as the public has become much more educated and aware of the dangers of second hand smoke we've been getting a lot more calls with tenant complaints about smoking and in particular we've seen a lot of people who have called like i remember we got a call from a mother with a brand new infant, seniors with lots of chronic diseases, people with hiv, people with cancer and heart disease, who had just moved into their apartment and had no idea they were going to be exposed to second hand smoke that was drifting from other units into their apartment and they were totally at a loss of what they could do. this is basically a right to know ordinance. this would inform prospective renters where smoking is allowed so they can make an informed decision and choose to decide on an all terp tiff if they don't want to be exposed to the second hand smoke. and supervisor mar, i think you t
but transfer that to our country of the united states so i know they're going to start those events in washington dc with their celebrations but let us san francisco celebrate -- mayor aleato and our wonderful history here and allow us to do a preliminary launch and so that's what we're attempting to do tonight and celebrate with you this launch of italian culture. it's very meaningful for us to did that year. we have a lot to celebrate. let me just say that painters, scrptdures, poets, musicians, designers, mathematicians, great architects of the italian country have come here to san francisco. we have experienced so much of the italian talent here in san francisco. that's why we wanted to be celebrating here and i am so glad to be joined not only by senator leno and assembly man amaino and david chiu and scott wiener as well. they all want to get in on this great celebration because it's wonderful for our city. i have often said our city and our strength is our international status and we do that with all the sister cities, with all of the flag raisings, but this is kind of
now the code-liaison to the alcohol licensing unit. my partner is here. charlie, would you introduce yourself? he is my partner. what we do is run the daily operations of the unit. we are also the sounding board for them when it comes to the various type of permits and licenses we may be having difficulties with. i have my units working with the permit officers at those stations, who are the first line, reporting directly to their captains. i wanted to say that my highest priority is public safety. when we review an application for a new venue, be it entertainment, a bar, or a night club, it is very important that we look at the impact the venue will have on the neighborhood, and the community itself. however, i must also keep in mind and be aware of entrepreneurship and small business owners as the backbone of our city. they had a lot to the culture and flavor of san francisco and we do not want to lose that. we take these factors into consideration. ultimately be want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe time when they go out after hours to enjoy the city at night. that is my vie
with the debt ceiling. i hope he doesn't choose to use it by leveraging the futh, faith and cret of the e united states to gain political points but if he chooses to use the debt ceiling as a way to do entitlement reform and long-term spending cuts, that's a way, probably in february he can get that done. that might bring people along. >> congressman, i want to point out to the people watching you were one of the members of coress during your tenure, you return one million dollars unspent office funds back to the treasury. i don't know many member of congress to do that i forget you being a florida state grad. mostst of my friends are gators. >> sorry to hear about that. adam: all seriousness, congress right now, as you depart has a reputation that is at the bottom. i could use all kinds of negative adjectives to describe it. i don't need to tell you. how does congress get the respect it needs to gove back after this craziness which is still not played out, and who gets the blame for this? >> well, understand, that congress is made up of people who have won election in 435 districts. the 50 stat
itswy way towards the system. at some point, the religiouseli, liberty issue will get the united states supreme court. not particularly in this case, the cases involving the roman catholic church.rch. we will hve this decision eventually.tle lou: very qukly, has little time left here.seventn >> okay. yes. lou: 17 states setting up these exchanges.o it starting to look like a tremendous problem. >> it is a german this problem. i don't think it they will be able to make their january 14, 2013, date. health care insurance premiums will be more expensive rather than less expensive. it usually means lower prices for consumers, but they're trying to do the opposite. lou: ad has been a mess from the beginning. >> it absolutely has. it's only going to get worse. lou: thank you so much, peter johnson. the admintration has endangered the life and liberty of americans, including thosezy killed in benghazi.aria by ignoring sharia law., ndrew joining me now is andrew boston. he's the author of the new book "sharia versusor freedom."shar the legacy of islamict to hav totalitarianism.ith it is great t
in the united states, christians love jesus but so do buddhists and jews and hindus and people without any religion whatsoever. >> the jesus image is multiadaptble because we are a 3489 religious nation. >> that's right, we're a multireligious nation but also a christian nation where 80% or so of the country are christians and they put je'us on the national agenda and then people of all different religions and without any at all respond to that figure. >> why did thomas jefferson become consumed with revising the bible by omitting a lot of it in his own text of the bible as you began your book 'ith? >> well, presumably it's not because he didn't have anything else to do, i mean, he was a pretty busy guy in the white house but he ordered a couple books from england, a couple bibles and he sat there in the white house and he cut and pasted and took out the miracles and took out the resurrection. heelieved jesus was a good guy, he believed he was one of the most important philosophers ever but he didn't like christianity and he was able to separate out christianity from jesus, say no to chris
nomination. >> my running mate and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> mitt romney took his running mate for a test driver in nascar country. >> all i am asking is we go back to the rates under bill clinton, for folks like me. >> i am not going to shut up. it is my turn. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> you must vote and you must reelect president barack obama. >> thank you. we draw strength from our victories and we learn from our mistakes. >> the pressure was on mitt romney, who needed a turnaround. >> virtually everything he said about my tax plan is inaccurate. >> it is math. it is arithmetic. >> fighting for obamacare instead of jobs. >> barack obama kept his eyes and his energy low. >> i have a question, and the question was, how much will you -- you'll get your chance in a moment. i am still speaking. >> here is what mitt romney was secretly recording -- recorded saying last may. >> they believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it. >> voter turnout seemed heavy. conceding his loss, mitt romney c
working on this project on july of 2008. we had two, two-unit buildings proposed on this site and we met with the east slope design review board, the design review board, we did a number of meetings with them, initially before they even filed the building permit. after we filed the building permit we made modifications to the design and filed with the planning commission and we were asking for a parking variance so we could keep the square footage of the building so it could accommodate the two, two-unit buildings. we were asked at that meeting to avoid doing a variance and reduce the size of the building. we have gone from 4 units to 2 units and now it's single families, we have lost over 1700 square feet, we have gone through a number of meetings with neighborhood and all that discussing the facade and the bulk of the building. . >> so when were those meetings that you held with the neighborhood. >> initially on july 28, i actually have a chronology, i can share that with you. july 28 of 2008, we meet again on august 11 of 2008, we filed a building permit in december of 2009, then,
partnership between the united states and libya to help you the libyan people achieve your goals. right now i'm in washington, preparing for my assignment. as i walk around the monuments and memorials commemorating the courageous men and women that made america what it is, i'm reminded we too went through challenging periods, when america was divided by a bitter civil war 150 years ago. president abraham lincoln had the vision to pull us together toward a shared goal of peace and prosperity. growing up in california i didn't know much about the arab world. then after graduating from the university of california at berkeley, i traveled to north africa as peace corps engineer. i worked as an english teacher in morocco two years and quickly grew to love this part of the world. since joining the service i spent almost my entire career in middle east and africa. one of the things that impressed me were people old enough to have lived and traveled in the united states when we had closer relations. those days are back. we had 1,700 libyans apply for fullbright grants to study in the united states th
of the united kingdom which spent about a decade financing and promoting what it saw as nonviolent islamist extremist groups under the theory that only they could talk and dissuade the violent extremists. only to conclude in the end, really about the end of the blair period, that the shared worldview was disastrous, and that obviously they should be backing anti-extremists, individuals and arguments. chambers story, as has been said, is not only the story of the loss in faith but the acceptance of faith. in the current islamist case, the analogy is not perfect. but there is an analogy. after all, chambers was born into a faith and culture of christianity in and around new york in the first decade of the 20th century. he did not in the end about some foreign religion. he adopted his own religion. that of his ancestors. similarly, we don't have to seek to have islamists convert to what is to them a foreign religion, but rather reframe the islam of their own ancestors, one than poisoned by the extremism we associate with office in and al qaeda. the problem for us is communism and christianity
powerful love and faith in the united states of america and the civilization for which it had gone to the war against the great carriers of the modern totalitarianism, first nazi germany and now communist russia. unlike chambers, we believe that the united states would eventually turn back the communist threats to the western civilization just as surely as it had done to the equally evil threat posed by nazi germany. not my view that we underestimated the line of the soviet military or the strength and resolve of the anti-communist forces both at home and abroad. both at times we can close during the chambers and other conservative anti-communist like james burnham who live in a book entitled suicide of the west we fear they might be right. for me when especially discouraging occasion is the fight against ronald reagan's decision in 1983 to station medium-range missiles in europe and to counter the soviet buildup of the soviet missile on its side has the dividing line of its domain on the west. massive protests were planned at home and all over the world was the biggest one schedul
is looking at the olive branch to show that the united states will always seek peace. the other talon, the eagle is holding arrows to show that the united states understands if you will be effective and successful in seeking peace, you must be strong. let me expand. because it only only peace but a better kind. the elimination of poverty, better lives all over the world for ourselves and other people. the arrows don't just stand for military strength but capability, they stand for the idea that the underwill try to recruit the best and most capable to apply themselves to those grand objectives. as i studied the life of christopher stevens, he embodied that and sought the grand objectives that our dwok si stands for. we gather to mourn his loss and demonstrate to his family how much we understand their grief. we also gather to celebrate the immense accomplishments this man has made for us. i picked out of my closet a tie. says on it democracy is not a spectator sport. christopher stevens was a participant. a full, strong, effective participant in his beloved democracy. chris, thank you
of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the presiding officer: the clerk will read a communication to the senate. the clerk: washington d.c., january 1, 2013. to the senate: under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3, of the standing rules of the senate, i hereby appoint the honorable barbara boxer, a senator from the state of california, to perform the duties of the chair. signed: patrick j. leahy, president pro tempore. mr. reid: madam president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: so good to see the presiding officer presiding. madam president, after leader remarks, the senate will be in a period of morning business. senators will be allowed to speak for up to ten minutes each. we're waiting here on the house doing something finally on the cliff, we hope. we have sandy. we're waiting on that. and we have a series of economic -- executive nominations we need to clear today. i'm told h.r. 459 is at the desk and due for second reading. the presiding officer: the clerk
in the united states as well. for now, there's breaking news we're covering. the united states of america is getting ready to go over the fiscal cliff even though it's got a deal maybe close in hand. i'm wolf blitzer. i'm reporting in washington. >> lawmakers and vice president biden struggling all day on a deal, but no final vote. at least so far. we'll get the latest from the hill and show what this means for you and your taxes starting tomorrow. >> ali is going to be with us for the next hour or two or three. who knows. we're also watching a very serious health scare for the secretary of state, hillary clinton. she's now hospitalized with a blood clot. doctors are revealing where it is. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. >>> we'll get to the fiscal cliff negotiations. there's movement right now, but first, startling new information we're learning about the blood clot that landed secretary of state hillary clinton in the hospital this new year's eve. her doctor is now revealing it's located in her head between her brain and her skull. let's go stra
to the united nations a treaty that extends the right to bear arms as a human right for every person on the planet. by the end of my second term -- [ applause ] we will have the first permanent base on the moon an it will be american. >> that last inspired us to do the following for which i will be eternally grateful. greatings from the year 2019. obviously, i'm on the moon where newt gingrich is the president of the moon. how can anybody be president of the moon you ask from the past where you live. back when he was just candidate gingrich, president newt not only promised a permanent colony on the moon but the end of the second term but he delayed would be an american colony. he said once he figured out how to get a few thousand americans up here, the moon could then become the 51st state. don't you miss the news when newt gingrich was the front-runner for the republican nomination. that happened in our lifetimes america. he was running first. you think mitt romney will inspire anybody to wear a space costume on a news show. will mitt romney ever reveal his true self via ring tone.
and cover 206 years in terms of the cost. the cost of the unit itself with replacement batteries and the replacement cups and so forth. the cost of the tasers has not been completely vetted at this point, we know roughly that each unit and it is somewhere around 1,000 a unit. >> and then the training? >> so, has this department have budgetary license to be able to make a purchase? is it in your budget already? as a line item or something that you will be coming to the board for at a later date. >> i don't believe as far as the budget currently. it would be something that obviously would have to be presented. >> in the pilot program, could not be enacted during this fiscal year. because there has not been a budgetary, allocation of having a pilot program on tasers. >> i am not 100 percent, i am not in charge of the fiscal unit. >> it would be got to get an estimate of how much it would cost. some donated, and through san francisco, for everyone or other resource and then the training hours involved. if you could give us at a later time an estimate of how much that would cost that
the beltway are living in a bubble. washington dc is the only city in the united states that has had taken continuous growthh >> what about when gas comes down? >> you have a gas situation where you have $4000 and their wages have only gone up about 1%. was coming up, where is the thing going to? >> it leaves cut taxes. >> i'd like to see taxes go down and someone say america is great. let's do everything we can to eliminate obstacles to success vmax my next guest says that regulations are really killing business. we have congressman eric cantor, the house majority leader is pushing to cut the red tape. and since he does have out there, he actually has a shot at doing it. it's just too hard right now for businesses to continue to operate, gen all the onerous and burdensome regulations coming out of washington. and we want to make that stop so we can turn the country around and began to be a starter country again. know that the obama administration over the course of the term has imposed 400 regulations that impose more than $100 million of costs annually on small businesses. the small busi
. >> let's take you to our main news -- congressional officials believe the united states state house of representatives will not vote tonight on a deal to avoid the implementation of a tax rises and spending cuts due to come into effect at midnight. fireworks celebrating numerous capital from the world at the start of the new year. foreign combat troops will pull out of a afghanistan in 2014, leaving afghan soldiers to fill the gap. afghanistan may not be able to look after themselves without foreign help. >> if there is progress, it has come with a price. the 44 soldiers were killed in so-called insider attacks or shot by rote afghans they're helping to train. it is out of this captain died, playing football here on remembrancer sunday. he was the last british fatality of 2012. >> it affect you personally and are never to raise about that. we will always grief for walter but we will not drop what we're doing because of one individual. >> with the afghans are taking responsibility, leaving most military operations -- leading most military operation that letting foreign troops step ba
in the united arab emirates, the world's tall els building set the stage for a giant celebration. in paris, tens of thousands celebrated at the eiffel tower. while in london, big ben rang out the old and rang in the new. and the tradition continued in the big apple. tens of thousands crammed into times square to officially welcome 2013. kirk gregory, nbc news. >> beautiful kisses to start the new year. >>> on the first day of the new year, more than 400 new laws go into effect around the country. here are just a few. in maryland, same-sex couples now have the right to marry. and the wedding ceremonies started just after midnight in baltimore. california and illinois have both banned employers from forcing their workers or job applicants to hand over passwords from their personal facebook or twitter accounts. california's also outlawed using hounds to hunt bobcats or bears after lawmakers decided it's not a fair fight. in florida, flash away. police can no longer give tickets to drivers who flash their headlights to let fellow motorists know there's a speed trap ahead. >>> here's your new year's
in its most polluted cities. the united states senate has passed a temporary bill aimed at preventing a financial crisis. the vote came after the midnight deadline on new year's eve to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. spending cuts and tax hikes has of been delayed until march. but it still has to be approved by the house of representatives. >> this is the man who seems to have made all the difference. vice president joe biden came in the 11th hour to broker an agreement. but the deal comes at the december 31 deadline. for now, the u.s. is over the fiscal cliff. it has passed its first test in the senate with overwhelming support. >> of the house stands adjourned until noon tomorrow. >> but the key test to the agreement is whether it can pass here, the republican-controlled house of representatives. early on monday, president obama surrounded himself with middle- class families to make the point that it would be average americans who would be hardest hit by a failure to compromise. >> the agreement being worked on right now would further reduce the deficit by asking the wealthiest 2%
and he was born in blight california and came to san francisco in 1955 he seived regularly in the united states army and korean war and is the father of three children two sons and one dear and i send my condole lenses out to his family he was one of my sunday schoolteachers growing up and brang donuts holes to class and making the subject matter very interesting and enjoyable and i grew up with his grandchildren and it's a great loss that san francisco has suffered in losing mr. bradford and so iggs again colleagues i hope to close out the board in his memory and this is the memory of mr. bradford. >> thank you ms. cohen. mr. chu. >>? mr. campos, thank you mr. clerk i have a numb of number of items and the first is authorizing the-off real estate for 17th and folsome street park project and i also have a memoriam for man we will spain rod drying guess and he was one of the district's most colorful andby loved artist and is with robert crumb influenced generations of cartoonists and not only in the mission but throughout the city and born in new york to an italian artist mother mr.
have a feeling that in the united states, we really need to increase our hope also. and we decided to do that by creating a global art project, the world, tree of hope. and what you see behind you is a live, 23-foot christmas tree and it is covered with 10,000 pieces of oragami and most of it is white cranes and all of the white cranes on the tree are inscribed with people's wish and hopes for the world. merilee put out an invitation that goes out virally through the internet and we ask people what they want for the future of the world and share it with us. and wishes are send in all over north america and europe and africa and really we have got wishes coming in from almost every country in the world now. and people are just expressing, all kinds of amazing hopes and dreams for the future of the world which is really encouraging for us. we create the tree as a symbol of the global unity and hope. and we are going to continue to add wishes to the tree all through the month of december. so we would love for you to go to our website which is rainbow and it is free and we wil
? that is how to divide and conquer. that is the way the united states is made up. that is how you work. north and south vietnam, for instance. they divide people so that the pressure will not be on them. that is how i see the system. i see it in prison, how they divide inmates. it is scary if inmates unite, and they do not like that. when i first come to prison, it will be a big thing if i went and sat with the blacks. it would be a big think if they caucasian sat with the asians. we only did that one time, where everybody got together, and we got what we wanted. when you unite, you can conquer. [applause] >> next question is for the commander. how can they community-based organization contact the task force for speaking engagements? >> if you call and ask to speak to jim miller. >> is there any effort to formalize the relationship with a community-based organization? >> right now, we do not have that effort in place. it is a good idea, it is something that we have talked about. it is important for us to understand what the cbos are doing. it is important for them to have specific training fo
someone to be president of the united states insult them, that was the one thing that put the lid on -- >> probably not a good marketing strategy. hey, coke ads life, but in this case, we'd rather you die. people aren't going to buy coke. >> andrew ross sorkin wants in. >>> think the bigger issue this framed up and why it's so important, not just this past year but going into this next year, it reframed the inequality story in this country. we talk about makers and takers. to me, the 47% in many ways reflected what the occupy wall street folks talked about when they talked about we are the 99%. ho hopeful hopefully, i hope that issue of romney's commencemet as short a was, reignited in this country the kind of jobs we want and raised issues about unions. it's much more than a political sentence and taken on all sorts of other meanings that has changed the debate and already changed the debate as we go into the new year. >> what's interesting the president won, know doubt about it, he won handily. you look at the one big event a lot of us thought might be the defining moment, it wa
or even the marine corps who were present that morning. 19,000 troops. two units had prepared, had been given advance notice as to what they were doing and they prepared for it in riot control. why all of this for one african-american student who wanted to get an education? it's a brand name university. it's because the whole state was an insurrection from the government to to the statehouse itself statehouse itself down to the 11-year-old who were throwing bricks at us in the streets. it was total chaos, a little mayhem and even the mississippi highway patrol had pulled away so there was your insurrection. it lasted two or three days. the violent part of it and then after that i was appointed to be the security officer for james meredith and went to school with him, or he went to school and i stayed outside with a hand-picked patrol, 12 soldiers and we were there throughout the year. we transferred back and forth in the army was in place for almost a year until he graduated in august of 1963. i was 23 years old. i grew up in an all all-white neighborhood in south minneapolis. johnson,
of the reservoir. you have the army unit on the eastside. reinforced regiment. you have the first marine division reinforced by 15,000 marines. so it's a laboratory example comparing decisions made by generals but in this case, not all cases, by the one, -- [inaudible]. not all cases to be deemed to do better than the army. in this case they did, clearly the o. p. smith makes a series of very smart decisions even though he has all meant and macarthur really pushing them in the wrong direction in the kind of reckless fashion. the army unit on the side of chosin reservoir, people forget this, got wiped out. 90% casualty rate. they would only survive because they're able to stagger out on the ice of the reservoir and walked down to the marine lodge four miles to the south. and because a little-known marine colonel went out with some corpsmen and submarines over the course of several days and pulled in a lot of wounded he found wandering, staggering around modestly on the eyes. while turning focus -- i kind of like this marine colonel. i'm blanking out in his name because one point he he was a relief
, mandating the most aggressive green building standards for private construction anywhere in the united states. and showcasing them in this new building. >> the city for the sfpuc, it was critical that the building stay as a lead building. the easiest thing to do to cut out millions of dollars, let's just go from lead platinum to lead gold. but that wasn't the objective. this needed to be the best example of energy conservation of any office building in the united states. >> we became involved in the san francisco public utilities headquarter project during the time when the project was at a stand still for a number of reasons, largely due to budget issues. and at the time we were asked to consider an alternative design using concrete rather than the scheme that was potentially planned for previous to that, which was a steel frame structure that used hydraulic dampers to control seismic motion. >> so, i met with my team. we worked hard. we came up with a great idea. let's take out the heavy steel structure, let's put in an innovative vertical post tension concrete structure, great idea.
federal officials to do more, along with the president of the united states and congress to act. and, in fact, i joined over 750 other mayors across this country, using social media and the technology that's available to us today to signal a demand to our congress that we really need a plan and a plan and an action to follow that, to ban these assault weapons and to make sure that we do everything we can to create a higher level of safety throughout the country. assault weapons and the types of things that we've seen in the hands of people who are doing evil or can do evil really have no place, in the home or in the schools or in our streets. and, so, with that we ask ourselves what we can do locally. i also want to recognize the three state senators, senator de leon, state senator leland yee and state senator ted gains, all three of which are sponsoring some five different pieces of state legislation aimed at banning assault weapons and munitions, getting higher levels of background checks and registries, and also i think senator gains is attempting to also make sure that those that
united nations ambassador john bolton joins me now. welcome bac to the show. great to have you here. what do you see as the impact of these cuts? sequestration on the defense spending. >> these $500 billion in cuts in sequestration will bring on top of something very close to a trillion dollars of defense cuts the first obama term. the extra cuts really go well beyond muscle. we are into bone. defense secretary panetta has made that clear. in the president's own defense secretary saying that our fense capabilities are being cu unacceptably, you know that is bad. and let me just say, this is not a matter of ben counting. this goes to the ability of america tosustain the international order that our economy rests on. you're not going to have sustained prosperity in the united states if the united states can provide whatever minimal order there is in the world today. that's the direction we're heading in. gerri: what's going to happen as a practical matter, los, peop, a machine. what will get cut? >> if the sequestration goes through over the long term, obviously the worst thing that will ha
section of the united plane, no fuel leak from either aircraft, and luckily no injuries rorpted. refer. >> off the coast of alaska, coast guard and tugboat crews are trying to pull an oil rig into safe waters. lines were reattached, but 60-mile-an-hour wind and 28-foot high waves in the forecast for today. officials fear a fuel spill if that rig is grounded. >>> and those were wedding bells ringing in the stroke of midnight in maryland. that's when same-sex marriage became legal there. voters approved the new law in november. seven couples got hitched at 12:01 a.m. with mayor stephanie rawlins blake presiding. >>> ahead on "starting point," how the house handles the deal won't just affect us, it could take an effect on the global economy. richard quest, breaks it down next. >> and elijah cummings joins us live. does he see the fiscal cliff afwremt getting through the house? and we leave you with london's new year's celebration. there it is. you're watching starting point. happy new year. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn'
management and between revenue-producing units and risk officers. the unsuccessful firms pursued revenue-producing ventures without constructive dialogue with those concerned about risk. my favorite example is a credit officer at fannie mae who went to his boss saying we're buying these mortgages, and we're really paying too much given the amount of risk they contain, and the boss said to him can you tell me why you're the only person many this company who believes -- in this company who believes in your model? they disregard it from the risk officers. freddie mac in 2005 fired his ceo, his chief risk officer just as the company increased its risk taking. lehman's ceo fired its risk officer in 2007, and by contrast because of their application of a constructive dialogue and a robust sense of the risk she reward trade-off, many times they refrain from lucrative but risky types of products and transactions that seem to be making so much money for their competitors. constructive dialogue was ingrained in the company's culture. this also, this pattern also applies to nonfinancial firms. my b
as a united states senators. we wish them the best. it was also a vote of high emotion because i cannot think of another vote in recent time the american people followed so closely. i cannot think of a time i have been on an airplane or a restaurant without somebody coming up to me in asking what was going to happen. they were concerned, as they should have been. this has finally mobilized on a bipartisan basis a majority to pass this measure in the senate. the president has shown extraordinary leadership on this. he thought about a long and hard, left his family vacation to come back to washington and try to put together a solution to this fiscal crisis. he was successful in the senate, and i hope he will be in the house as well. he had the able efforts of his vice president joe biden as well to help temper -- help him. last night, joe biden came to his home, the united states senate, where he served for 36 years, and spoke to democrats about the importance of this vote. it was almost an hour and a half on new year's eve, almost surreal, as we gathered for this important vote. for an hour an
pelosi supports it, even if the president of the united states, who was just re-elected supports it, you're not going to necessarily vote in favor of it. >> i'm going to make my judgment after i hear the details. >> you'll hear the details. we'll all get the details fairly soon. senator, good luck. >> thank you. >> happy new year to you. john, let me bring you in for a quick recap right now. it looks like there's a deal in the senate that's going to work out, maybe senator merkley won't support it, maybe a few other liberal democrats won't support it, probably a few conservative republicans won't support it. but if you have harry reid onboard, mitch mcconnell on board, it's going to get a vote in the senate. >> any deal to pass both houses needs bipartisan support. neither side, as the president said repeatedly, is going to get everything they want. one way you can tell the deal does meet that criteria is the press releases are flying from the liberal groups and the conservative groups like the heritage foundation, both saying from their opswlt philosophical perspective, don't sign this
of the conservative movement in the united states. his book blacklisted by history:the untold story of senator joe mccarthy and his fight against america's enemies gives an account of the age of mccarthyism during the cold war. evans has been the recipients of honorary documents from syracuse university and the john marshall law school and accuracy in media award for excellence in journalism. please join me now in welcoming our panelists. [applause] >> would you like to start? >> such a pleasure and honor to be here once again. i was flattered to be asked to participate in the first seminar last year and i didn't do too badly because i am back today. and icy some good friends out here and also some people including senator jim buckley and he deserves a round of applause. [applause] >> let us begin with a paradox. whitaker chambers was a soviet spy who became in bill buckley's words the most important american defector from communism. chambers's public witness about the seductive attractions of communism and its treasonous adherents began in august of 1948 when he identified alger hiss, a bold empl
program is intended to give the north the upper hand in its negotiations with the united states and he predicts more to follow. >> north korea's game plan, i believe, consists of several critical elements. one element is to continue to develop their nuclear weapons capability. and they are doing that. they've had a couple of nuclear weapons tests, one of which did not work very well. one of which worked marginally successfully. i suspect they are continuing to work on that and at some point in the future we'll see additional nuclear tests from them. north korea, i believe, is determined to become a de facto nuclear weapons state and to get the world to accept that. >> revere says the u.s. should show its willingness to engage with north korea through dialogue. >> i think dialogue has an important utility in terms of dealing with north korea. it has a number of uses. it can help us explore north korean thinking, explore possible north korean flexibility, explore the reasons and reasoning behind their actions. it can help us develop a better sense of how the regime thinks and what its pr
today urban shield is starting. it's the largest exercise i think in the united states or one of them. over 3500 law enforcement officers from the bay area are involved. it's a 48 hour full scale exercise and there is more in the report if you want to read about it. there was a fire at the portal and we pulled together officials and talk about response efforts and what we needed to do and we were able to quickly hand over the role for office of small business but i thank my staff for the good work that they did, and finally we talked about sf heroes in this meeting. i hope you downloaded that app in our smartphone. it's available for i phones and droids. we received the gold award for the sf heroes application and we are very proud of that. that being said i'm going to move on the agenda. i did want to point out in your packets we have a report from our disaster preparedness coordinators and on the back of the report. this is from the last meeting. we will start to include that in each of the disaster council meetings. we want to know what your folks are doing. they're repr
to exhibit their tolerance in our united states for the same-sex marriage that we all deserve. [ applause ] i also wanted to again, acknowledge that this is the season of giving, and hope that you will join us from now to the end of january, and a donation in the city hall when you have to visit, we have canisters for those who need food for this season, also if you would join us in the weekend of december 15th and 16th, we are going to have family orientation outside with snow day here in city hall. we are bringing snow in again. and we are going to enjoy this with our snow day, december 15th and 16th, you are all welcome to come and bring the kids and all of the extended families. and if i may say again, these holidays and what the tree represent is the best hope and wishes. the holidays should never be about ourselves. what reminds us and what this tree will continue doing, is that you have to remember others that are less fortunate, and share our hearts and our minds and our resources with them. and it is just like japan, for what they have done. if you read the papers recently, you know,
of libya before and after. chris, he built the bridge between libya and the united states. a bridge of love, of hope. we never believed one day we would be able to raise against this dictatorship. i knew chris after he came back. i knew chris more. he would come to the house and we play tennis. after the tennis we come back home and have libyan breakfast. he is a man of principles and he is serious. i agree he never speaks about himself, what achievement he made. he is a guy when you look for him again. this is kind of different element but one time he told me story when he was serving in tripoli and then in benghazi. he walked on the street of benghazi and looked over his back and saw two people following. whereever he goes they follow him. hen he stop and he went up to them and he said hello, how are you. yeah, they speak with him. they invite for coffee. these people of course are service. maybe not to protect him in first days but see what he is doing, his contact. this is the type of government we need in this world. he didn't go to them to protest why you are following me. no, he beca
's price. >>> the united states hit its debt limit today, borrowing $16.4 trillion. the treasury department is taking measures to buy time till february. after that the treasury will not be able to pay bills in full and own time setting the stage for another fight on capitol hill. >>> sad new year's eve for a family and the entire prince william county police departmentarve an officer a-- department after an officer was killed. >> reporter: chris yung was on his way to a call when this crash happened. >> really sad. and really hard for our families. the kids played together. chris was already running around playing with the kids. always had a smile on the face. just a great guy. >> reporter: friends remember officer chris yung. the married father of three was a motorcycle officer on his way to a crash driving around 2:00 p.m. new year's eve. when police say this now charged minivan made a turn in front of him, killing him in the line of duty. the crash was fiery, leaving no chance for survival. his death will be felt by many. his former neighbor. >> a great neighbor. willing to do anything.
shot in the united kingdom. a bonfire. >> i know it's a bonfire but am i seeing some rocket employed here? >> dale, you're seeing a bazooka. >> a big bonfire. >> watch this thing go. they light it up and they're about to shoot this giant wooden bonfire structure. >> oh! >> well, i'd say it's lit. >> where do you get your hands on a shoulder of mounted rocket. >> they call it a home made bazooka. >> no matter what it is, it made a pretty big boom. i've got to try this. >> i said don't try this at home. >> i've got bail money for you. >> if you don't have the ingredients around to make a home made bazooka to light your bonfire -- >> that's not a bonfire. that's an explosion. >> that's arson. >> looks eerily similar to the other video except it's daylight and this accelerator was asset tone. >> nail polish remove. >> keep that in mind. >> sounds like you've had a bad experience. >> don't want to talk about it. >> the rule of a good bonfiring everything stays in one place. this went everywhere. it's like shrapnel. >> do not try this at home. home made bazookas, bad idea. >> nobody got hu
. >> a bill passed in the united states senate 89-8. tell me when you have had that on a measure as controversial as this. >> house republicans pushed for quick package arguing it's too late for amendments. >> too late in the game. a point in the deal where it's done, and we keep trying to tinker with it to make it perfect. >> the leadership team were not going to be rushed. >> they had months to look at that. now they are expecting to us vote on something that passed hours ago without reading it. i don't think so. >> if we don't get the tackrate problem for all americans the economy is going to collapse, stock market will go down and the defense department will become unraveled. we are going to get blamed. so make it better if you can and save the powder for debt ceiling fight. >> as house republican leadership is considering the way forward, time is an issue. less than 48 hours from a congress being sworn in. moments ago, senate democratic leadership aide offered a threat saying that the speaker's office was kept apprised as the deal was going forward. no time to ping-pong offe
'll ever see her again. russia banned adoptions to the united states last week in retaliation for a set of human rights sanctions -- citing the cases of 19 russian children abused by american parents. for kendra, it's been emotional whiplash. >> you're holding your breath and feeling sick to your stomach and you can't eat and you can't sleep. and -- you just got to hold onto something. >> reporter: but after kendra appeared on "world news" last week, tonight, she's receiving an outpouring of support from some of president putin's own people. russians. on the same side of those american parents. many offering to help. "if you want me to get anything to polina, i will buy it on my account, no problem." one person wrote. "forgive us. we can't protect our kids from the russian government," wrote another. >> i've had such an outpouring of love since your story, from the people of russia and it's just overwhelming to me. people that have said, you can stay at our house, what can we do? >> reporter: most of all, they urge kendra to keep fighting for polina. and that's exactly what she plans to
some hesitation. the big story tonight is that republicans are going to unit behind mcconnell. going to leave it there. thank you gentlemen. we are going to go back to washington and get an update on this developing story. that comes later. don't forget folks free market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. it means limited government and limited government spending and rewarding success. i'm kudlow and the kudlow report will be right back. >> this new year's day kick off 2013 in style with the look at what made 2012 unforunforgettab. the new year's day marathon all day on cnbc. nderstand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 location
them to the united states. william easterly debates dambisa moyo, the author of "winner take all." this is 35 minutes. >> there is question about whether they can keep up and whether there is something bigger changing. that is what we will look at in this session. we have two outstanding individuals known for contrarian views on the emerging economies. we will start with william easterly and probably best known to you for his books, "the white man's burden ." a very non provocative book as you can tell from the title. "the elusive quest for growth." bill was named one the top global intellectuals. [applause] what is going to happen to these bricks? guest: i want to focus on china . this is a major moment for development thinking. the idea of the growth merkel that china has done so much to promote is over at this point. let me give some insights. authoritarian growth miracles do not last. how many of you have heard of a growth merkeiracale? al? just raise your hand. i thought we would have a better informed audience. you have not heard of it because it only lasted from 1960-1 975
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